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What it means to be gluten-free

by Nutterly by Nature |

Say the word ‘gluten’ and you might find yourself in a heated conversation. There are a lot of opinions on what it means to be gluten free. All of this controversy over a simple protein found in wheat. While some people’s bodies can’t break down the protein, others simply choose to stick to a gluten-free diet for personal reasons. But is forgoing gluten really that unusual?

You can’t miss it – the sign that says “Gluten Free Section” as you walk through the aisles of a supermarket. But if you take the time to look around you, you’ll find that the market – and your diet - is already filled with gluten-free foods. Go to the produce section and you’re surrounded by them. Then there’s eggs, meat, beans, rice. Gluten-free foods are the staple of many of our diets. It didn’t seem unusual until the phrase “gluten free” came along. And with the rising rates of gluten intolerance, it is an important distinction to make when it comes to shopping.

Our main mission here at Nutterly is to produce a wholesome, natural goodie for you to enjoy. Being gluten free is just an added bonus by our choice of ingredients. 

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